2-Day Team Trial

SROC 2-Day Team TrialThe 2017 Southern 2-Day Team CCV Trial

The 2-Day Team CCV Trial is an annual event hosted by Southern Rover Owners’ Club in Smuggler’s Country of deepest, darkest Sussex. The concept of a Team Trial was originally started by Ron Baker in 1994 to add a different element to CCV Trialling, where outside assistance is encouraged with team members allowed/encouraged to guide & direct each other through the sections, obviously without endangering themselves.

This year the event will be on August 5th & 6th:-

Here are the SR’s and Entry Form for the 2017 event.

Email: 2dayevent@sroc.co.uk

Facebook: SROC 2-Day CCV Team Trial

Find below a list of entries for this years event. Remember all entries need to be received by Thursday 20th July 2017.

 David Green & Terry Buss  SROC / SROC
 Gordon Renshaw & Richard Summerfield  P&DLRC / LLRC
 Keith Lynam & Dave Naylor  P&DLRC / P&DLRC
 Rob Broadley & Trevor Francis  SROC / SROC
David Summerfield & Ben Knight LLRC / LLRC
 Kevin Hammond & Mark Reid  CVLRC / CVLRC
 Paul Finney & Arthur Wilson  P&DLRC / P&DLRC
 Neal Mellish & Richard Rowley  L&CLRC / MROC
 James Flanders & Maurice Flanders  ALRC / ALRC
 Si Day & Andy Freeman  S&WLRC / S&WLRC
Pete Lugg & Mark Freeman S&WLRC / S&WLRC
Martin Leonard & Keith Leonard SROC / SROC
Richard Garwood & Jack Garwood ELRC / ELRC
Mick Chick & George Chick SROC / SROC
Jamie Croft & George Baker SROC / SROC
 Franklin Ashe & Thomas Constable  SROC / SROC


Anyone wanting to go to the meal on Friday and / or Saturday evening at The Bear should contact Ron Baker.

 Anyone wanting to marshal one or both days should contact Dawn Davis, please.



2016 2-Day Team Trial

Here’s an album of Ben’s photos from the 2016 event.

Here’s an album of Dave’s photos from the 2016 event.

A massive thanks to the event director, all the clerks, secretaries, scrutineers, marshals, stewards & everyone else involved for a really well run event again this year. Thanks to all the drivers and passengers for taking part- some of you travelled a long way to get to the event- I’m sure it was worth it. Thanks also to Damian & Kerry Porter of Bramble 4X4 who sponsored the event again this year.

Here are the results for the 2016 2-Day Team Trial



2015 2-Day Team Trial

A huge, huge thank you to everyone involved in setting up and running this year’s event- you know who you are and you know how much hard work went into it- and all the drivers for coming along- a lot of you travelled for hours and Damian & Kerry Porter of Bramble 4X4 who helped to make this year’s event such a success.

Here are the results for the 2015 2-Day Team Trial



2014 2-Day Team Trial

Here’s an album of photos from the 2014 event.

Here’s a second album of photos from the 2014 event.

SROC would like to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this year’s event a very special one. And a really big thank you to our 2 sponsors- Chris & Caroline Wells of RLG Tyres and Damian & Kerry Porter of Bramble 4X4 who helped to make this year’s event such a success, by supporting the event and coming up with raffle prizes which raised a good chunk of money for our nominated charities- The Jim Mockford Fund & Demelza House. Details of how much was raised will follow once we have finished doing the sums.



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