Event Staffing

Here is the 2018 Events Calendar for you to download and print.

We all enjoy entering and taking part in events but an event doesn’t happen by magic. It only happens by people giving up some time to make it happen. It is only fair that we all do our own fair share to help. It is not just putting the sticks in the ground we need Marshals, Admin, Steward and Scrutineer for all the events. Please do your bit to help the club and let us know when and how you would like to help out and earn your league points.

As discussed at the 2017 AGM- all Clerks, Admins, Scrutineers & Stewards that have volunteered are now named on the list:-
Please let a member of the Committee know if you can help out with any job at any of our upcoming events:-
Email- eventstaffing@sroc.co.uk

Here is the Current List of Clerks, Admins, Scrutineers & Stewards for 2018 SROC Events (updated on 05/03/18):-

Venue & Dates
Pilgrims Farm, Titsey
17th March  Tyro
18th March RTV
Earlye Farm, Wadhurst
31st March  CCV
1st April  RTV  Brian Clifford
1st April  JTV
2nd April  Tyro
Knowle Farm, Broad Oak
5th May  Tyro
5th May  CCV
6th May  RTV
6th May JTV
7th May Timed Trial
Renhurst Farm, Mark Cross
9th June  Tyro inc Taster day
9th June Trailer Gym
10th June RTV inc Taster day
Cow Farm, Cowbeech
17th June CCV  Dave Powell
Copford Farm, Horam
30th June Tyro
1st July Comp Safari
Bilsington Priory, Bilsington
14th July RTV
15th July CCV
Copford Farm, Horam
25th August  CCV  Mick Chick, George Chick
26th August  Tyro
26th August  RTV
26th August  JTV
27th August  Timed Trial
Copford Farm, Horam
15th Sept  Tyro
16th Sept  Charity Day
Earlye Farm, Wadhurst
6th October  CCV
7th October  RTV
Deudneys Farm, Herstmonceux
20th October  Tyro
21st October CCV
Grove House Farm, Elham
10th Nov RTV
11th Nov Timed Trial
Cow Farm, Cowbeech
1st Dec RTV
2nd Dec  CCV