2022 Events

The loss of Knowle Farm has somewhat caused some trouble putting a calendar together for this year. We still have a fair number of sites available to us but we don’t want to over use them and must remember that they are mostly working farms where our activities come well down the list of priorities when running a business. Agricultural activities such as hay making will always take preference. Similarly, the weather must be taken into account when there is a chance we may damage the fields, no matter how careful we are.

For this reason, the committee are actively seeking further sites that may be available to us. As mentioned above, most of our sites are farms and mostly situated in the Sussex Weald where the soil structure is Weald Clay which, as we are well aware, is wet and slippery for a good part of the year. At present we only have two possible winter sites, the long-established banks of Elham and the new (to us) Pluckley Quarry.

Therefore, we need your help. We would encourage all club members to be on the lookout for potential trials sites, particularly those with winter access i.e., old quarries or sand pits, although we must not dismiss farms either. Areas that have been used for motor cycle trials are always a strong possibility. Farmers that are used to dealing with the public at organised events such as boot fairs or farm open days are usually a bonus and easier to talk to. Any ideas would be very much appreciated, supplying as much information as you can (who the land belongs to, names, addresses, have you viewed the site etc). Please contact any member of the committee or email competitionsec@sroc.co.uk

In the meantime, here is the 2022 calendar so you can print it out and stick it on the fridge, or wherever else you might stick important reminders of things to do.

Thank you for your understanding.