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Welcome to the Southern Rover Owners Club

2021 AGM and Survey Results

Hi All

Thanks for your patience. The survey is now calculated and the results are now in the members area. An email notification should now be with you. The consensus of opinion is difficult to gauge and will be looked over thoroughly by the committee and we will be taking the results as a guide as to the way forward on our journey out of this strange and frightening time.

I would like to say thank you to all the members who took part in this survey and thank you to those who showed there support with the positive comments to the committee on the work that they have done for the club. This means a great deal to us in a otherwise thankless job.

We are looking at starting competing and rallying as soon as it is possible taking in all of the factors ( restrictions, competitor numbers and staffing etc).

The chance to have your view on the way forward was taken up by 16% of the members so this is the yard stick we will measure the steps moving forward.

Also the AGM paperwork is in the members area for you to take a look at for the upcoming meeting on Thursday 18th March at 7.45pm via Zoom.


Thanks once again.


Latest News

Mayday Event Booking now Open

Event entries are now open for booking.

Official signing on and camping bookings are also open, please click on the event in the calendar for the links.

Revised 2021 Calendar

Here is the latest version of the calendar. We can’t say for sure it won’t need changing again as a result of Covid, but this is what we are planning on doing. We hope to see you there.

Aiming for Mayday.

Although the vaccination programme is being rolled out at pace there was still a significant proportion of the membership that feel Easter is a little too soon to commence our activities. The lockdown regulations preventing camping and spectators that will still be in force only add to this hesitancy. With the cancellation of the ALRC National, it has been decided to move the Easter events to the now vacant Spring (Whitsun) Bank Holiday. Camping should be allowed by Mayday so we are looking to hold this event as scheduled at Earlye, but this will still have to be spectator free and is of course all dependant upon the “road-map out of lockdown” not hitting any pot-holes…

ALRC National Rally postponed to 2022

With the ongoing Covid situation, the ALRC have decide to postpone the event due to be held at Bilsington Priory until 2022. More information on the ALRC website.

Nothing until Easter

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the responses received to the survey we are conducting, we have reluctantly decided to cancel all events up to Easter. Even if the restrictions were lifted sufficiently, which is unlikely, it is not felt that there is appetite to support the running of events.

This website promotes Southern Rover Owners Club and provides information on the events we run. For over 40 years SROC has held events for Land Rover enthusiasts in the South East. The Club regularly runs a variety of competitive events throughout the year at a number of fantastic local venues. If you are interested in joining a friendly club whose aim is to have fun in the pursuit of all things Land Rover, why not come along.

We work hard to keep this website up to date and accurate, but if you find anything that isn’t right, please contact the webmaster.

This site is run on behalf of the Club Committee. If you wish to contact the Club, or comment on this site, please use the Email facility on the Contacts page.

The Club or Committee will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or accident resulting directly or indirectly from errors, omissions or contradictions on this site.

The Southern Rover Owners’ Club Limited

Place of registration : Cardiff

Registered number : 01829359

Registered office address :50 Quinnell Drive, Hailsham, East Sussex. BN27 1QN.