ALRC & Motorsport UK

As a member of both Motorsport UK and the ALRC we are bound to run our events (and to some degree the club itself) by the regulations laid down by these organisations and as a club, we are actively involved in the management of these regulations to ensure they remain relevant to our needs. They are there to support us, not hinder.

The Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC)

The Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC)

Southern Rover Owners Club is one of many regional Owners club with an interest in Rover / Land Rover products. The ALRC is the national organisation to which most of them belong giving a common set of vehicle regulations and access to some of the premier Off Road events across the country such as the Majors Memorial Trial, the ALRC National Rally, the Baskerville Challenge, the Charity RTV Trial etc. This also allows members from other clubs to come along to our own 2-Day CCV Trial.


Motorsport UK is recognised as the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom by the world governing body, the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA).

As the governing body, Motorsport UK is responsible for the governance and administration of all major forms of motor sports in the UK and is therefore the highest authority in the country for motorsport matters.