Vehicle Scrutineering is not only a basic check undertaken before all competitive events for the safety of competitors, officials and spectators, but also to try and ensure that everyone is competing on a level playing field. These checks will be in line with the published regulations and whilst we will advise where we can, it is the competitors responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is eligible. This also means that the vehicle needs to be presented for Scrutineering clean enough so that the Scrutineer can check the mechanicals underneath without having to chip away a load of crud.

This is for everybody’s safety and for insurance purposes. An unsafe vehicle could injure its driver, passenger, event officials or a spectator.

Basic requirements for all competitive events (other than TYRO) are a front and rear towing point, tow rope, a return spring on the last link of the carburettor to a fixed point (to enable the throttle to idle if the linkage is broken), and a secure battery.

***Please remember Scrutineering starts at 8.30am and will finish at 9.30am sharp***

Latest scrutineering news.

Please get to the event early enough to get scrutineered- just because Scrutineering closes at 9.30am, doesn’t mean you can turn up at 9.25. We used to advertise the start time as being 8am, but this often meant that the event officials would be stood around waiting for someone to arrive. To this end we have moved the start time to 8.30 so the officials can enjoy an extra ½ hour in bed. However, this does not mean you should turn up at 9.25 and expect to get Scrutineered in time, which will be done on a first come first served basis. If you aren’t done in time, why should everyone else wait for you.

Also, if the Scrutineer can’t see it, they can’t check it, and if they can’t check it, they can’t pass it. Please make sure your vehicle is presented to Scrutineering in a clean & tidy manner.

In the main, we have a good standard of vehicles, let’s please keep it that way.