If you would like a membership application form, either call the Membership Secretary or go to the membership page.

The Club sends e-mail updates from : to keep members up to date with the clubs activities between the quarterly magazines. It may be worth adding this address to your contacts/address book to try to prevent your Spam filter from rejecting any messages. This e-mail address is not generally monitored for incoming e-mails, so if you wish to contact the club, please use one of the links shown below.

Contact Details

Chairman Mark Baitup 01622 871904
Membership Secretary Joy Newland 01424 755787
Club Secretary Mark Baitup 01622 871904
Competition Secretary Paul Barton
Event Secretary Rod Catt 01435 830450
Club Scrutineer Dave Canham 07767 635885
ALRC Logbook Scrutineer Dave Canham 07767 635885
ALRC Logbook Scrutineer Terry Buss 01435 882692
Event Staffing Jake Farrington 07754 005551
Event Staffing Paul Barton
2-Day Team Trial Event Director Dawn Davis 07778 764531
Club Shop Jayne Baitup
Magazine Editor Jean Gower 01323 846054
Website Author Thomas Constable
League Coordinator Dave Canham 07767 635885
Child Protection Officer Sharon Baitup 01622 871904
Shows Phil Newland 07711 491544
Logistics Officer
Venue Locations and Maps Dave Canham 07767 635885
Treasurer Jean Gower 01323 846054
Rally Officer Thomas Constable