2-Day Team Trial

The SROC 2-Day CCV Team Trial will take place this year on it’s traditional first weekend of August, so 3rd & 4th August. But it’s a new venue for the 2-Day, Bilsington Priory where the ALRC National Rally was held 2 years ago. Team Chick will be the clerks so if you enjoyed the National CCV, think of that with double the fun. This page will soon be where you need to be to able to enter. Check back later or email 2dayevent@sroc.co.uk so we can add you to the circulation list and let you know when bookings open. Numbers are limited, first come first served, so don’t be disappointed.


The event format was originally devised by Ron Baker to add a team element to CCV Trialling and this year will be the 28th Edition. Each Team comprises 2 drivers, passengers are not compulsory but each driver may only have one passenger, and no driver may passenger another. The object being for Team Members to guide and direct each other through the sections, although this needs to be without endangering themselves.

Scrutineering will start late Friday afternoon and run on into the evening for those turning up early and to ease the rush on Saturday morning.