Joining SROC

If you are planning to join SROC the following information may be helpful :

Our Membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. If you join between 15th November and the 31st December the following years subscription will also be included.


If you wish to join so you can take part in an event, you need to do this at least 2 weeks before the event entry closing date. This is to give our membership secretary time to process the application so that you can then pre-book to attend the event. Joining on the day has currently been suspended. With the lack of events we have been able to have this year, the committee have decided that anyone who is a member this year, will get free membership next year.


Membership Renewals for 2021

Good news – There will be no cost for those that Renew before the end of February 2021.  From 1st March 2021  YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY AS NORMAL.

The Committee have decided to offer this to Members as compensation for the lack of events and magazines during 2020, and to thank you all for your support.

You will still have to complete the Renewal form for each member as normal but with no payment required if you renew before this date.

On the form in the payment dropdown just select “Free – Existing 2020 Member”, you will still be redirected to a page asking for payment but this can be ignored. You will then receive you 2021 membership cards in the post.


There are three main types of Membership :

  1. FULL – this is the normal type of membership and entitles you to attend and enter events (driving or as a passenger), stay on camping weekends, vote at the AGM and you also receive the Club magazine. The Full member is responsible for their associated Family or Junior members.
  2. FAMILY – is for relations of a Full member living at the same address. They have all the same entitlements as a Full member, except they do not receive a magazine, sharing this with their Full member.
  3. JUNIOR – this is for the younger relations of a Full member aged between eight and 16 years inclusive. They can enter in the Junior Trials Vehicle (JTV) events and also subject to the rules in place, from 13 years old they may drive in Tyro Trials, from 14 they can passenger in RTV & CCV events and from 15 they can drive in RTV & CCV events after completing the pre-requisite qualification events.


Membership Fees

Age 17 years and over Full Member £25.00
Family Member £14.00
Age 8-16 years Junior Member £5.00

Membership includes £2.75 ALRC Subscription for each member aged 17 years and over.

Click here to download the 2021 Membership application form and join the old fashioned way with pieces of paper, cheques, postage stamps and the like. Or…

New Membership Online

Click here to apply for a new Full Membership online

Click here to apply for a new Family Membership online

Click here to apply for a new Junior Membership online

Click here for a Beginners Guide to SROC Trials- so you’ll know what to expect at your first event.

Renew Existing Membership Online

Click here to renew a Full Membership online

Click here to renew a Family Membership online

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