AGM & Next Events

Hi All 2016 is now well and truly here. Our first “event” this year is the club dinner this weekend, I’ll see some of you there. Following that in 2 weeks’ time we have the CCV and RTV at Elham. As Dave has said in the news feed below, please make sure you renew your membership before the weekend, otherwise you might still be queuing at event admin to get the paperwork sorted out when you could be trialling.

As always the events only run when we have enough people to cover the jobs needed. It has been suggested that the current “Team Southern” reward scheme isn’t as much of an incentive as it could be, so if there any other ideas on what could entice you to help more please let a committee member know. The biggest reward though is the event not being cancelled due to lack of volunteers!!

Also coming up in March we have our AGM, your chance to have a say in the running of your club. Contrary to my article in the latest Mag I will be posting out the usual paperwork this year. It will be a discussion point at the AGM as to whether we go electronic from there.

Now we are into 2016 the National in May will be upon us very quickly, there will be an update at the AGM. Please support your club and help make it the best it can be.