ALRC Proposed RTV regulations & new website

Hi all, following a very successful time trial at Elham we are now very much in the last throws of this year. Wednesday 25th is the deadline for pre-entries for the last trials at Cow Farm so this may be your last chance to actually post your entry to Rod, as hopefully very soon we will have an online entry system up and running. There will be options for paying by BACS transfer, paypal and debit/credit card. As the debit/credit card will still use the clubs paypal account it will incur the same surcharge as paying by paypal, the surcharge will be £1 and covers the paypal fees. You can of course still opt to post by snail mail or enter on the day as usual.

Also to clarify a little bit on the latest ALRC news, the proposed tyre rule was discussed at the meeting and many in attendance had the same view as SROC. Many sites are mainly accessible and safer to drive with the more aggressive type of tyres fitted. Any clubs that have conditions placed on them by landowners regarding tyres etc can add their own SR’s at club level to address the issue. So the scrutineering committee elected not to put this through to a club vote, the decision was ratified by the ALRC council.

With thanks to all of you who took the time to comment on the proposed RTV regulations it was also decided at the meeting that although the table layout makes it easier to cross reference the do’s and don’ts some of the new suggestions and having a “super modified” option was a step too far. It may be that in the future there might be an extra class added to allow the more extremely modified cars enter, but they won’t be counted in the results. Hopefully anyone in this category may then decide to do de-modify or change to a vehicle that allows them to compete on a more equal basis.

So that’s all for now – see you at Cow Farm