Another Successful 2-Day Team Trial

Well another very successful 2-day is now behind us. Massive thanks to Dave, Terry and Dawn for all their hard work putting it together. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped to put the tents and lanes together (and take them down again) and to everyone who got up early to go out and officiate in any capacity over the 2 days. Many thanks also to Bramble 4 x 4 for sponsoring the event and making it possible to have door stickers, they make the scoring much easier for the marshals. Also Steve for providing the lovely breakfasts, lunches and Saturday night barbecue.

Congratulations to the now 5 times winner Dave Naylor and Keith Lynam, defending again next year guys?

Our next event is the Bank Holiday weekend at Copford.

Look forward to seeing most of you there.

Copy deadline for the next club magazine is September 18th, please send any articles you have to Dannie.