Chairmans Update

Hi Everyone.
Sorry for the delay but I’m sure you can appreciate I have been very busy so as I get a moment to catch my breath I will quickly have a catch-up with you all. Firstly we had a superb 2-Day and this time I had a chance to be a competitor as well. Thank you Dave G, Terry, Ben, Dawn and all the other members who stepped up to put on this premier event. I loved every moment and I am sure all the other competitors did to.

Then came August bank holiday weekend. A Saturday CCV with Harry, Dave G, Terry and Dave P taking the top spots. Then on Sunday was a wet RTV, TYRO & JTV. Then Monday’s Timed Trial to blast away any final cobwebs.

Now we have a new Event Staffing officer (Jake Farrington) and several events to fill leading up to the end of the year. Please do your bit for the club and contact Jake and fill in the gaps.

The proposed calendar will be up for your viewing and if you have any views or ideas please go through the correct channels and it will be addressed.

Well let’s all keep moving in this positive direction and I will see you at the next event. Thanks