End of the year approaching

Hi All,

As the end of the year is now fast approaching, with just an RTV and CCV in December I hope you’ve all had a good trialling year. The committee are working hard on planning next year’s events and we’ll be sharing the plan with you as soon as we get some permissions from the land owners.

Charles Darby has just spent quite a bit of time sorting out the trailer and equipment after a years’ worth of use. So a big Thank You to Charles for his time and effort. I know when clearing up after a trial in the wet and mud it seems the easiest thing just to bung everything in and leave it to be sorted at a later date, which never happens, but if just a couple of people take just a few more minutes to sort and stow the kit correctly it can save the next clerk (might be you!) a lot of time and the club money, we were starting to think about buying more kit.

We were getting reports of running out of cane tops and the metal spikes used for the direction arrows, but Charles has found 150+ metals spikes and 25 sets of cane tops. If there were a few more “Number 2’s” then we would have another couple of sets. We have ordered some more canes though and they will be with us for the new year, if you can all avoid driving over them in the future……

If everyone could have a look round at home and in their triallers we are missing some Section number boards, the High vis tabards seem to be getting low and as mentioned earlier any “2” cane tops will be very handy….. We seem to be missing 1 of the red boxes that the cane tops were stored in as well. The trailer will be at all the events for the rest of the year so feel free to deposit any items found in it.

Thank you all for your efforts over the past year