Latest News

Welcome to our new website which these days is often the first contact someone will have with the club. Ian Davis has worked hard on the old site for many years and we thank him for what he has done. This new site has been put together by Dave Green using a different software package and will hopefully have a more up to date feel to it. If you have any photos from events, we have decided that we will just give them a quick check and get them loaded, (although we reserve the right to use any photo sent to us on any of our media outlets). Some of the quality may not be as good, but this approach makes it much easier to show many more on the site, more quickly.

We have links to our Facebook group and now we even have our own You Tube channel.

We hope you like it. As ever, it is your club and your website, with more developments on the way, but if there is anything else you would like to see, please get in touch.