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As we head towards the May Bank holiday, the last event before this year’s National, I can report the planning for our own next year is going well. We are having Booking forms for our National printed and sent to Midland ROC for inclusion in the rally pack. We are also having some advertising flyers printed which we will take with us. Several of us going to this year’s National will be walking around and handing out the leaflets and talking to everyone to build the interest. If you are going and would like to help spread the word come and see me at Copford.

Unfortunately Diane Buss has decided that after 9+ years of organizing the event staffing for us it is time to take a break. We thank Diane for all of the effort she has put in over her time in the role.

Dave Rowe has stepped up to the challenge, so be prepared to be badgered and cajoled into volunteering by a different person in the future.

See you all at an event.