National 2016

After the overwhelming support at the AGM for the club to host an ALRC National Rally your committee was tasked with going away to see if it was viable, and unfortunately it is not looking good. The main reason for this is down to the finances. The cost of pretty well everything has gone up, but even with the ALRC support that has become available since the last time we ran a National, the attendance figures have been in decline. It simply does not make sense to do all the work to run a National for a projected £800 profit – with very little contingency and nothing allocated for repairing any land damage if it chucks it down with rain.

Added to this there was concern about a lack of enthusiasm to do it. Although there was almost unanimous support at the AGM, there was very little response to the survey below when we only just scraped into double figures. Have people got cold feet? Again, another risk.
Should this situation change, we can of course revisit the issue, but as it stands at the moment, we aren’t going to do it.