Notes from National meeting at Knowle Farm, September 27th 2014

We had a good attendance at this meeting which all clubs members were invited to attend. Hopefully people came along because they were interested in the club running the 2016 ALRC National and not just the offer of a free burger, but thanks to Danni Tripp for being the chef.

The main committee has agreed the setting up of a National Management Team, in much the same manner as we did for the 2005 National. This comprises of myself, with Mark Baitup (Event Director), Charles Darby (Competition Director), Kevin Filmer (Site Services) & Jean Gower (Treasurer).

Beyond that nothing else is yet set in stone for who was doing what, but we did have some names in mind and people had put themselves forward for various roles. Anyone with a burning desire to do a particular job would need to put their best foot forward and stick their hands up as before too long we will need to start firming things up.

One of the first items that was brought up by those there was the closing time of the bar. This was as a result of the “party” that was going on in the bear tent until gone 2 in the morning at this year’s event at Stainby. Paul Barton (ALRC Chairman) advised the meeting that the ALRC have already discussed the issue with the bar owner and in future the cut-off will be midnight at the latest. It was generally agreed that this was reasonable although concerns were voiced about competitors having a skin-full one night and then driving the following morning.

Whilst it has not been decided who would be doing the catering, concern was voiced about the standard of the service provided at the recent Majors. This was put down to the person that normally runs it not being available, but is still something to be considered / managed.

There was agreement that SROC members should not compete.

Rally fee’s – it was agreed by a majority vote (no votes against & 2 abstentions) that everyone attending should pay to attend the event, whether they were “there to work” or just enjoy it. However it is recognised that this can cause problems and the Club will do what it can to reduce this impact on SROC members that are “working”. There are several possibilities to repay those that put in the effort including a free event later on in the year, discounted membership rates, clothing offers etc.

The logo for the event is to be based upon the 2005 event, just changing the year and updating it to reflect it now being the ALRC National Rally (formerly it was just ARC…)

The subsidised reversible jackets will be looked into again as they made a good impact last time.

Trade Stands / Sponsorship:- This can be hard work, but Damian Porter has offered to sponsor the Team Recovery, as well as assist in finding sponsors for the other events and any other Trade Stand opportunities that come about as a result of this.

The order of the events was discussed and whilst there is a good argument for having the main events as CCV,RTV, Comp, if the trialling ground gets cut up by the CCV trial, the RTV sections may not be driveable, so we may be forced to run them RTV, CCV then Comp. The other events would have to fit in around this.

As things develop further we will keep this page updated, along with bits in the magazine etc. Hopefully this page will develop into a rolling news feed as things start to come together.

If you have any comments, please let us know.