Roll Cage Tags & 2-Day Team Trial

Hi All,

As you will have seen from a recent update email and facebook (for those who use it) there is now an additional TAG for CCV roll cages. This is so should a TAG need to be removed due to damage the vehicles history and “identity” is not lost and can be fully traceable. There is a transition period as it will obviously take time to roll this out.

Also there is a proposal from the ALRC to introduce a “Q” class for trials, this is to allow vehicles that currently fall outside of the existing classes to compete. The proposal, if accepted, is that the rule change will be monitored for 2 years to see if it increases turn out at events, particularly RTV’s. At the end of the 2 years it will be decided if we need to keep the rule, drop it or amend it in some way. Please let the committee know any opinions and questions on this.

So we are now in to the run up to the 2-day CCV trial at Knowle. As usual marshals and other officials are needed, please let us know if you are planning to come and help so we can sort out marshals into groups.

Lastly Dave Canham is embarking on his London to Paris Bike ride this week. There is still time to sponsor him for this great cause- Click here for the Virgin Money Giving site. All the best Dave, don’t run into any press motorbikes!!

See you at Knowle


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