SROC Membership Renewals

Your Renewal form will soon be dropping through your door (or it recently has!)

A few pointers to make yours and our lives easier :

  • Please ensure that you sign both the form AND the declaration box at the bottom of the form (this is sometimes missed and is needed as it becomes part of your Membership card).
  • Please check that the details on the reverse side of the form are correct – especially your email address (add one if you have not previously) so you can be kept up to date with events in a timely manner.
  • Please send the correct money – cheques dated and signed or by Bank Direct Payment.
  • Pease make sure you sign YOUR form and not your partners or another member of the family ——- it does happen !!
  • If you or your family member are not renewing – please let us know so we do not send out a renewal reminder to them (saving the Club money).
  • If you have a Junior member in your family group – please make sure their date of birth is added to both the form and the declaration box AND if they have become 17 during the last year they will now be a FAMILY member – please correct the back of the form accordingly, and ensure the correct fee is paid.

PLEASE NOTE you are not eligible to enter an event in 2016 until your membership renewal has been received- please, please, please do not leave this to the last minute and try to avoid bringing your Renewal to the first event of the year (usually wet and cold and always very busy !) We are not always able to be at the events and it is not fair on the Admin On The Day to have to process these as well. Get them to me as soon as you can and I will return them to you in time for the first event, helping things to run smoothly.

Many thanks

Joy Newland
Membership Secretary.