Tags on Logged Booked Vehicles

When a Motor is initially inspected an Identification Tag is fitted. This does NOT signify compliance of anything – it is merely a VIN number.

These tags may be RED or BLUE in colour. After the Tag has been fitted a check sheet will be issued with a PASS/FAIL and signed and dated by the Scrutineer.

This paperwork needs a PASS signature by a different Log book Scrutineer having done any work recorded by the First Scrutineer if required.

The Top White copy is then sent off along with Two Photos and a Cheque (payable to ALRC) to the Log Book Secretary who will then issue an ALRC Log Book. Present this Log Book EVERY time you enter an event.

A second tag will also be fitted – this will be YELLOW, it might be fitted along with the Red or Blue Tag or afterwards – this will be recorded on the Check sheet or Log Book and details supplied to Log secretary by those fitting it.
The yellow tags are issued to log book scrutineers for fitting.

Should the front hoop become damaged the Yellow tag ONLY will be removed and a new one fitted upon repair/replacement and recorded on Log Book.

The front hoop includes the braces to and from the main hoop.

It is in the competitor’s best interest to get the yellow tag fitted because without this the red or blue tag will be removed and then the identity of the vehicle is lost and it will be treated as a new build.

Should the Main hoop sustain Damage and require replacement BOTH tags will be removed and when replaced the vehicle will be treated as a NEW build.

This means that the new main hoop will have to comply with the latest diagonal back stays. The MSA changed this regulation in 2014 and it has always been the case that if the main hoop is damaged then the latest specification must be adhered to in the new build.

The SCRUTINEER at the event or CLERK of COURSE are the ONLY PEOPLE who should remove Tag. If a Red or Blue tag is removed, the Log Book should also be removed. These items should be passed onto the Log Book Secretary to amend records.