We Are Hosting The 2016 National!!!

his is something that has been talked about talked about and we initially said no. However, the committee was struggling to reconcile the response at the AGM to the survey responses we got, the main conclusion being that quite a few people probably felt they had already said yes at the AGM, so didn’t bother with the survey. To this end we started a ring around of our Full members to ask what they thought and the responses were very positive. So although the financials don’t look great (although they are looking a little better than they were), it seems that most of you want to do it and we have now said we will. More details will follow in due course, but in the meantime, there will be a pre National “party” at Knowle Farm on Saturday 27th September. The camping will be free and we will even throw in a Burger, so come along and have your say and find out the progress we are making. If there is anything you would particularly want to do to help run the event, stick your hand up – please don’t wait to be asked, but also please remember you won’t necessarily be able to pick and choose.

Hope to see you there.