We Have A New Event Secretary!!!

Which means we have a new Event Entry Form and a change to the closing date, here’s the details…

Changes to Event Entries

We have been looking for someone to take this over from Dave Green and Rod Catt has been talked / bullied / cajoled into doing it. Dave said he wanted to stand down from this post at the Annual General Meeting, but as the Easter weekend is only nine days later this doesn’t give enough time to get everything in place – so better to get it all out there now. The address to send the entries too isn’t the only change. To avoid Rod having to go to the first event of every weekend we are doing something, the CLOSING DATE for entries is now the WEDNESDAY OF THE WEEK BEFORE the event – 10 days before. This then means that Rod can get all the paperwork prepared and ready and if he isn’t going, he can drop it off / post it to someone that is. Please click here for the new Event Entry Form. It goes without saying that we thank Dave Green for doing this job for the last 5 years.

And we have updated our Supplementary Regulations, including to allow drivers in RTV’s or CCV’s from the age of 15, here’s the details-

Changes to the Supplementary Regulations

The SR’s have had a bit of a tidy up and tweaked to allow the change of the closing date for entries, but the biggest change is to the age limits of drivers in RTV & CCV Trials. The Motor Sports Association recently changed the age limit for entries in Cross Country Trials which now means if you are 15 years old and have an experienced trials driver in the passenger seat and have successfully completed four Tyro Trials which have been recorded on an MSA Licence Upgrade Card, you can then compete in an RTV. Once you have recorded successfully completing four RTV’s in a Road Legal vehicle, you can compete in a CCV trial in a “special”. It might sound complicated but it means a youngster can get started competing 2 years earlier, which can only be a good thing for the continuation of the sport.

The AGM is your biggest chance of the year to have your say in how the club is run, so please come along on WEDNESDAY 25th March. Hopefully the first batch of the National Fleeces will be there and there will be an update on how the planning for the event is going. There will also be the prize giving for 2014, including the Team Southern rewards that recognise the efforts of all those who came along and helped run the events we enjoy. Please note the AGM is being held on a Wednesday this year – we had a choice of moving the day or finding a new venue, and as most members know where the Rose & Crown in Tonbridge is, it was considered a day change would be easier for all concerned.

Hope to see you there.