This Week’s National Rally Update

Hi All,

Weekly National Update, short and sweet this week. Entries are coming in at a steady pace now, the deadline is only 2 weeks away now. We have put a list on the website of numbers of each club entered so far.

Caroline is canvassing the Heathfield farmers market to see if any of the traders would like to come to Copford for the weekend.

We need some pallets to put under the drinking water taps around the field and also to make raised stands for some flushing tanks at the elsan disposal points. A couple of the national team have managed to source some but we could do with a few more. So club member who can bring some pallets along to the working day on the 8th will be eligible for a mystery prize!

See you at Earlye and then from 10 am on the 8th May (got it right this time!)