Hi All

We are just over halfway through the year and unfortunately the initial enthusiasm upon our restarting events has seen a rapid decline in entries and officials/marshals. Whether this is due to the COVID situation or the lack of spectators being the reason for this we have no idea, but hopefully this will change now that we are able to go back to the old way of doing things; entries by post, pay on the day, signing on on the day and spectators allowed. Whilst all this is great news, please be mindful that some may still be wary and want to socially distance / use face coverings.

Generous donations covering 3/4 of the the cost of the defibrillator have been received and we are hopefully going to have a familiarisation session at the August Bank Holiday event so that as many as people as possible feel comfortable using it, should the need arise.

We have just hosted our 2-Day Team Trial for another year which was again won by Dave Naylor and Ben Parkes of P&DLRC. Congratulations to them and all those that braved the atrocious weather along with a huge thank you to all those that made it happen. Dave & Harry Powell were the highest placed SROC team and Callum Hodgson won the Person of the Weekend award for his constant smiles, helping a damsel in distress and always being positive. Also a big thank you to the Mockford’s who we will be helping reinstate their land as required…

Hope to see you soon,