Chairman’s update

Our biggest event of the year, the 2-Day Team Trial, is nearly upon us and early bird entries have now closed – although there may still be some late entry spaces available. Dave Green & Terry Buss have already been busy in the woods whilst Dawn Davis has been juggling the paperwork. You can never have enough marshals for this sort of event, so if you can help on one or both days, please get in touch with Dawn.

An issue that is being relayed to me mostly from members is the poor social media etiquette that is happening on our Facebook site. If you think it is a place where you can moan and poke fingers at other members of the club IT ISN’T. That should be on your own page not that of our club. These comments are not seen by just the small number of people at an event, they are seen globally. If you have to post or comment on the site please let it be positive, congratulate people who have done well at a trial you have attended, not only winners but other individuals who may have driven well on a difficult section or the officials who give up there time to try and put on an event for everyone not just you.
Thank you.
See you at the next event.