Earlye Farm results and league update

The results from last weekend’s RTV & CCV at Earlye Farm are now on the results page & the latest 2016 leagues are now on the leagues page.

We are now getting to the business end of the 2016 season and as the saying goes, “you have to be in it to win it”, and to be in it you have to have qualified, earning 3 League Qualification points for each league you wish to qualify for. Any points left over will be carried over to the Team Southern rewards. For those that have not yet accumulated enough points, you are running out of events!!!

All the information about qualifying and Team Southern rewards are on the leagues page.

If you have competed in more than one discipline but don’t have enough points to qualify for all of them, the spreadsheet will allocate your qualification in the order of RTV, CCV then Timed Trial. This is how it will remain unless it is blindingly obvious to me which league you would want to be qualified for, or you advise me otherwise.

As ever, any discrepancies, please get in touch.


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