Happy New Year

Hello everyone,
This is a quick chance to remind and prepare you for the up and coming season.
Firstly everyone will have to renew their membership or join in the first instance so you can present your card when signing on. Secondly everyone will next have to have a Motorsport UK RS Clubmans license which is accessible on line for free via a link on this website, details below in Latest News. Please apply for this before arriving at an event, the Event Administrator has enough to do already – if you don’t you will be making a substantial donation to charity! Last of all I am afraid the club will have to raise event entry fees by £5 for all events to cover the increase in the Motorsport UK permit fee. This is due to the rise in insurance which covers all drivers, passengers, officials and spectators and is a cost we have to pass on. So I am sure that for the price of a coffee and a sandwich you can rest easy that you and your family are totally protected.

There are some rule changes so please familiarise yourself with these by reading your club magazine and or the Scrutineering News here on the website.

We have also had to make the decision with regards to the financial viability of events to take place and we can’t go ahead with an event just on promises of attendance. A set number of six pre entries will be the number needed ten days before the weekend of the event, the closing date for pre-entries. The work put in by the clerk and there team also the event secretary is a great deal, so to put in for a small number of entries and to be told at the end that the weekend made a loss is a blow when you have put in so much work to try to have the weekend go ahead, only to be let down by low numbers. Remember the whole running of your club is dependent on volunteers in every aspect. Please don’t let them down.

So hopefully you will have both your membership card and licence on the day at the next event you attend where you will see us all ready for a brand new season.

See you soon,