It’s been a busy month…

Hi All
Well that was a busy month with Renhurst, Earlye and the Charity Day at Copford. Renhurst was an RTV, Tyro and a Gymkhana all well supported and we are all looking forward to seeing what Emelye and co have in store for the next years Gymkhana. (Traditionally if you win this event you lay it out the following year.)
Earlye was also a good showing for the Tyro and CCV with Bruce and Pat laying out a very good Tyro, and Caroline and Martin put in a very challenging CCV resulting in a large number of smiling faces at the end of the day.
The Charity Day also went down well with the farming community who were at Copford for the shearing competition. The reason the event took place was because of the volunteers who stepped up to help. Thanks to Tom, The Snowden family, Paul, Phil & Joy, Graham, Steve Smith, Stephen Greenwood, Dave Powell, Jayne, Dawn, Trevor & Mary, Dave & Josh, Mark Wenbourn and not forgetting Jeni Catt and all those in the background that made it happen.
See you all very soon.