Looking forward restarting events

Hi everyone
Let me start by saying from all of the committee we hope you are all well and safe.
We are looking at our first events to be August Bank Holiday. There wasn’t much enthusiasm to restart events earlier.
We have worked long and hard to come up with a plan so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable day. This has resulted in a Bulletin that can be found on the Supplementary Regulation page. In summary, you need to be a member 4 weeks before the event, everyone has to pre-book including the event officials and camping, there will be no spectators, no pay on the day, restrictions on vehicle sharing and social distancing throughout. But the good news is we will be able to go out and play!
Everyone has to pre-book, competitors, officials and campers and now more than ever, if we don’t have the competitors and officials booked in at the closing of the online entries then there will be no event.
Some of you may be watching the process of other clubs but all ALRC clubs are working independently to work out the best path to take for their members. Here is a link to some helpful questions and answers that Motorsport UK have on their Return to Motorsport page.

Camping will be available to members and their immediate families who are pre-booked online only.