Moving the club trailer

Hi All,

As you all know the club and the events are run by club members who have enough time and enthusiasm to step up and volunteer to take on the various roles. Currently we need someone to take control of the event trailer and equipment.
You would need to arrange for the trailer to be collected from its home at Copford and delivered to the next event venue so it is available for when the clerk can set out. After the event the trailer will need returning to Copford, or possibly onto the next venue if there is a short time between. Also the trailer and the Fire Extinguishers have to be serviced annually, so this would need arranging. The club treasurer arranges the payments for this.
Generally keep an eye on stock levels and advise when we need to top up etc.
If you can help with this please get in touch to discuss. This is not necessarily a committee position, we just need a willing volunteer.
The alternative is that we go back to the old way and the clerk of the next event will have to arrange moving the trailer – which will probably make it even harder to find clerks.

See you in a field soon.