RTVs, a party & a big Thank You.

Hi All,

Following the National it’s obvious now that RTV’s are struggling across the ALRC. The National RTV was approximately 50% down from previous. To try and understand if it’s just the cost  of fuel and cost of living or if other factors are involved we have put together a short survey. Please help us understand if there is anything we can do to improve things.


As always there are plenty of vacancies to lay out the rest of this year’s calendar, have a look and let us know which you can do.

Finally I’d like to say Thank you to Graham Bridgland for all his hard work over the past few years on the committee organizing all the permits and liaising with the landowners to get the events run. Graham has decided to step back from this role, though I’m sure we’ll still see him helping out at the events. So once again we are looking for volunteers to take up the mantle and help run your club.

See you in a field soon