There goes another year…

Hi All,

Well that’s another year over. We’ve just completed the Christmas Cup at Cow Farm. Thanks to Nicky and Rosie Powell for the catering over the weekend, it was much appreciated. Also thanks to Dave for the Marshals prizes. The journey home ended up being as much as a trial as the events of the day, what with the heavy snowfall. Several of us got home between 1 and 2 in the morning. Joe and Peter Parris put their trialler to good use on the way home by all accounts, pulling several stranded cars on the snowy roads. The calendar for 2023 will be available on the website very soon, we just have 1 more tyro on new land to shoehorn in and will be finalising dates with landowners very soon.

So, wishing you all a good Christmas and see you all in the New Year.