Potential restart of events

With the potential easing of the lockdown, the committee is tentatively looking at restarting events again at the end of July, but we are aware that many of our members whilst not being classed as high risk themselves they are living with someone that is.
As it stands these events would be with a list of restrictions that currently include: No vehicle sharing (not just double drives from the start but if you break it on the first section your out and all officials will have to get themselves around the site); No passengers (so no unlicensed drivers); having to sign on before the cut off date (so no pay on the day & if you sign on then can’t make it there will be no refund, and all officials have to be in place before the cut off); No spectators (so only officials and entrants allowed on site, no friends or family can came along for a day out); risk averse sections to avoid any accidents or the need for recovery (so the events will be quite tame); social distancing at all times (so if you break it you are on your own)…
We welcome your feedback – there is no point in us doing the work to lay on events of it isn’t what you want at this time. It would be appreciated if you could let us know by emailing your thoughts either way to chairman@sroc.co.uk